June 13, 2010

Egusi : A Staple Nigerian Soup

Egusi has different variation; it’s the kind of soup you modify as you master.

List of Ingredients:
Blended Egusi (melon seed) : 1 cup
Palm oil: half cup
Spinach:  1 pack frozen or 1 bunch fresh
(If you are using fresh spinach, rinse and cut into small bits)
Salt (half tea spoon)
Chicken stock cubes (2)
Ground red pepper (half tea spoon)

Pre-cooked meat and fish
Egusi is cooked with lots of meat as with most West African food. It is possible to however eliminate the meat to make the source vegetarian.
Type of meat is a matter of preference and can be combined anyway you like.
Dried catfish

    1.    In a bowl combine a cup bended Egusi with 1/4-cup water.  Stir until it’s a paste like consistency
    2.    Set a pot on fire, add palm oil once pot is hot 
    3.    With a spoon, add Egusi bits at a time Reduce to medium heat
    4.    Add stock from pre-cooked meat or water. 1 cup, if using fresh spinach. 11/2 If using frozen 
    5.    Leave to cook for 4mins
    6.    Add precooked meat
    7.    Add spinach
    8.    Add salt and Chicken stock  cubes
    9.    Taste for salt, cover to took for another 7-8mins.
    10.    Serve with your choice of “okele”


Aminat said...

Kai...look at those ponmo....Great job..I am so salivating right now.....

miss Gastronome said...

Thanks for the encouragement aunty mi :)

nakaleayovunefe said...

I am so proud of you! You have not only presented it well, but you also kept it traditional.

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