June 17, 2010

Food Food Food!

Yoruba style Egusi: (plain egusi +
stew. shaki n whole panla)

yam porridge + Cat fish( best part of
the Fish according to my father)+ Fried Goat .

Dried Cat Fish ( made in Northern Nigeria)

Odo = Mortal + Pestle ( Made in Nigeria, carried across 7 seas :) )


mrwiseone said...

Illegal imports

miss Gastronome said...

lol.lol.....excuse u!

Ayo said...


Anonymous said...

wouldlike to know more abt fish.....which is best for grilling?,,or for pepper soup?...btw.im innigeria..

9ja Foodie said...

Hi Anonymous :)
Baked fish : I would recommend Tillapia, it can be marinated and Baked whole
Pepper soup : Fresh Cat fish is my preference.
For grilling: I prefer Halibut, sockeye and Atlantic salmon (not sure if they are available fresh in Naija)
Thanks for visiting, do not hesitate to contact me with more questions!! Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

i want learn how to cook an african food where can i learn it or you can teach me online

9ja Foodie said...

I can definitely teach u online. what dish would u like to learn how to cook?

Dashonn Franklin said...