July 13, 2010

Cat Fish Pepper Soup

1 whole Cat Fish (cut and clean)
2 Tbspn Pepper soup Mix ( makes life easier, ingredient below if you will like to make your own)
1 Tspn oil of choice
1 cube Maggi
Salt (to taste)
Stock or water (1cup)
Utazi or bitter leaf (a pinch)



Lara Alexander said...

Thanks for printing the spice mix ingredients. I have a big bottle of "pepper soup mix" and didnt know what was in it!

9ja Foodie said...

:) you are most welcome. now you can make some soup!!

Anonymous said...

i like wat u do..... followed ur blog from nairaland.... impressed ur doing this even outside naija... kip up the good work. hookup on facebk. . . .. im idowu okeniyi on there

Lara Alexander said...

made fish pepper soup tonight (with prawns and catfish)! I used my spice mixture. Do you what the little black pods are called? The one that looks like tiny bumpy bananas?

9ja Foodie said...

@ Anonymous... Thansk!!
@ Lara...HI...how did your soup turn out? little black pod? not quiet sure what you are talking about, sorry. you can email me a picture (easylifess@gmail.com)