September 27, 2010

Gbegiri & Ewedu

Ewedu: Recipe for frozen chopped ewedu
2 cups frozen ewedu ( it's sold as jute leaf in most Canadian grocery stores)
11/2 cup water
1 bullion cube
salt to taste
Iru aka ogiri (locust beans) (optional)

Add the water to a pot and set on medium heat. cover until the water starts  to boil
Add in the ewedu, do not cover
Stir continuously as ewedu has the tendency to boil over
Add in the salt, iru and bullion cube.
Cook for 5 mins.
Serve with stew and your choice of okele.

Craved this for like the longest time, so I decided to make some.the funny part is I never liked Ewedu or Amala when I was at home .


Ofada Rice and sauce

Veggie Delight

Steamed Greens, served with raw pepper and Shrimps.

Snack Attack

Unripe Plantain and Malt :)


Click HERE for the recipe

September 24, 2010

September 21, 2010


Rice, served with Omoyo and Plantain :)

Fish Sauce(omoyo)

Tilapia (2 whole) clean and cut
Salt ( to taste)
Knor cube(2 cubes)
Pinch of curry
Pepper soup mix (half a spoon) Optional
3 large tomatoes
2 habanero pepper
half a large onion
Groundnut oil( 2 spoons)

  • In a blender, combine tomato, habanero and onion. blend 
  • Add cleaned fish to a pot, season with curry, Knor, salt and pepper soup mix
  • Set on medium heat, cook for 5mins.
  • Add in the blended pepper and oil.
  • Lift and shake the pot to combine ( do not stir with a spoon, the fish will break apart easily  if you do) taste for seasoning
  • Cook for another 15mins

Roasted Turkey Wings

So turkey isnt only for Thanksgiving

6 turkey wings
Salt ( 1tsp)
Maggi (2 cubes)
Onion (half) sliced
Garlic (3) finely chopped
Chili Flakes

  • Combine  turkey, salt, curry, maggi, garlic, onion in a pot. set on low heat (do not add water)
  • Cook for about 12mins while turning at intervals
  • Preheat over to 350
  • Remove turkey from h, set on an oven tray add chili flakes
  • Roast for 20mins
Serve with rice or cold garri :D


Beans and Plantain

Black eyed beans (2cups)
Palm  oil ( 4Tbs)
Dried pepper (1 tsp)
Maggi ( 2 cubes)
Salt ( to taste)

  • Set a medium size pot one high heat, add in 4 cups of water and set to boil
  • Wash the beans, and add to the pot of boiling water
  • Reduce heat to below medium, let the beans cook for 2hrs30min
  • When water is almost dried up, add all the pepper, maggi, salt and palm oil
  •  Simmer on low heat for another 30mins, taste and adjust for salt.
  • Sever with plantain, stewed goat, bread, garri or your choice of side