November 25, 2010

Random Pictures

 Spice mix for fish

 Spiced fish: refrigerated overnight, oven roasted.
 Indomie with steamed bok choy
 My famous "in my mind" smoothie. 5 yrs in the making :D
 BEST THING I EVER COOKED/ATE :"like for serious"
Turkey prep for Chilli
 hahhaha...... egusi prep ( I am a big believer in prepping, makes cooking easy! )
One random day, decided to cook for the boys ( I was still nice then ): Jollof, Egusi, Stew complete with goat, ponmon, shaki and beef) SMH


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I've been tired of eating same ole rice everyday for a while now. You've given me a whole lot of new ideas. Gracias

9ja Foodie said...

you are most welcome!

Seshe James said...

Wow. That was what i had in mind to cook 2mro... Yours looks so yummy.

Your husband go enjoy you ooh... hehehehhe

9ja Foodie said...

@ Seshe.. I am sure u can make urs look as great :)

mrwiseone said...

Is there anyway of making stew without making a mess?

9jafood-ADDICT said...

@ well... prepping makes cooking stew a lot easier. to avoid spatter from the pot, always cook on medium heat and be sure to cover the pot with a tight lid :)... I hope that helps.

mrwiseone said...

Okay :)

hungryblogprowler said...

Please darling...i'm just visiting your blog for the first time... can you kindly put the recipes for the Jollof, Egusi and Stew complete with goat, ponmon, shaki and beef. please....i need it like i need air!!!

9jaFOODie said...

hahha@hungrblogprowler.....welcome to M.A.C.
I already av those recipes on the blog........look to the right hand side of the blog, under archive...I believe egusi n jollof r both under June. the recipe for assorted stew is same as for Efo Riro without the efo :)
I will gladly write up another one for u thou.
once again.....WELCOME TO FOOD LAND :)