November 25, 2010


When all else fail, MAKE A SANDWICH.
Hard boiled egg
jalapeno Pepper
2 slices of whole wheat bread
African dried chili


Anonymous said...

This sound very simple,easy & fast to make!

You surely do enjoy cooking!

They all look delicious.....i would be getting good recipe here becox hubby rates me as an average problem i said, na still pass mark! & thanks 4 stopping by.

9ja Foodie said...

:)... HAHHAH... I agree...average is still a pass mark jo. lol.
yeiiii... thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web as well.

Seshe James said...

Hmmm yummy. Looks good but the amount of calories in that alone. I sure love to treat myself to good food once in a while.

Love your blog, i love cooking but i hate cooking for myself alone.

Check my blog out, if you like it follow.

Sugabelly said...

Oh my goodness these look so amazing!! I am so HUNGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! *_*

I miss Nigerian food so much.


Sugabelly 2.0

9ja Foodie said...

@ Seshe: thanks for stopping by, I will be checking out ur blog right away. as per calories in the food.... the whole thing has less than 300 cal...120 for bread, 70 for egg, 60 for a spoon of dressing and 30 for a small roma tomato. that is still way lower than a cup of plain white rice :D
@sugarbelly: Thanks for stopping by...there is nothing like Nigerian food!!

Seshe James said...

@ 9ja Foodie. Thanks for the update... hehehhe.

Anonymous said...

Well done!
Love to experiment with food as well.
@ cooking for the boys, thumbs up! hope they kissed your feet afterwards. That was a feast you made 'em. - pls stop by.

9ja Foodie said...

lol@ "hope they kissed your feet afterward" lol... u know boy, too much shakara..they were great full thou.
Thanks for stopping by. will check out ur blog as well :D

2cute4u said...

I had to tune in to your foodwondalicious!

9ja Foodie said...

:)...awwwww...Thank you thank you @2cute4u. I will try not to disappoint :D