March 20, 2011

Honey Glazed Fish

Honey Glazed Pacific perch on a bed of tomato&corn

This is one of those fast and easy suppers that you feel good about.

Choice of fish fillet *fresh* ( I used pacific perch in the featured picture)
1tsp honey
1Tspn groundnut oil (or whatever oil you fancy)
shrimps (washed and divined) (optional)
1/2 tspn black pepper
1/2 tspn salt (to taste)
 The bed
2 large roma Tomatos
1 cup whole kernel corn
1/2 medium size onion (chopped)
some salt to taste

Sprinkle the fish fillet with the black pepper and salt, rub the seasoning in.
Glaze the fish with the honey, set aside for 10-20mins
Set a large frying pan or wok on medium heat, add the oil
once the oil is hot (2mins) add in the fish, skin side down. Add the shrimp in as well.
Wait 3mins, gently turn the fish over, skin side up. cook for another 3 mins.
Remove the fish and shrimp, place both on a paper towel to remove any excess oil.
The Bed
Add the chopped onion to the pan/wok you used to make the fish , cook for 2 mins
Add in the tomato and corn
Add in some salt to taste

Serve the corn bed with the fish, top with some toasted sesame seeds.


Anonymous said...

can i use any of our common fish here in 9ja? fish to be specific? & a can of sweet corn {if it had not overstayed on the shelve o!}...heheheee.

9jaFOODie said...

Yes NG; you can use any fish of your choice. ice fish sounds yum actually. lol@"if it had not overstayed" hahha... a Can of sweet corn works, or you could use a can of mixed veggies (the one used for fried rice).
Thanks for stopping by.

Gbemisoke said...

You have me cracking up oh! You bet ice fish is more nutritious than those exotic sounding ones :D

ChicTeraphy's twitter link brought me here today and I'm suddenly hungry, even though I just had jollof rice! Clap for yourself ;o)

9jaFOODie said...

Ms Gbemi! you said it jor... sure it's more nutritious than all these farm raised things they sell to us here.
Awww....Ms Chicktherapy had me on twitter.... yeiiiii *happydance*. hahha... eat is gud for u *clapping for myself*
have a superb week!!

NikkiSho said...

awon healthy meal...chai i dont really know how to cook/fry fish...they usually just break in pieces wen i'm done
Have a great week :)

The Corner Shop said...

Oooh, i wish i could have some of this. Please email me some :D


9jaFOODie said...

@ Nikki... we have to do something about that. like isn't that hard to make, it just requires a little more attention. Have a superb week hon.
@Cornershop; I just sent you some!Enjoy :D

Chizy K said...

its funny that i was see your new post during lunch time ... i'm now so hungry lol

9jaFOODie said...

:D Perfect timing!! enjoy lunch :)

Nice Anon said...

No be sey I no dey come your blog o! The only thing be sey the food is too good looking . I only pop 'round when I'm full and not hungry

9jaFOODie said...

LOL.....hahhaha...Nice Anon that is a great strategy. I should adopt that, cos the things I do to myself somedays at work, SMH.
Thanks for stopping by hon!!

Anonymous said...

very nice babe!! ur too much!

9jaFOODie said...

Thanks Anon!