April 2, 2011

Otong Soup with Tuo Shincafa

Otong Soup

Tuo Shincafa
Otong soup with Tuo  shincafa(rice tuwo)

This is my marriage of the south and the north, a celebration of the cultural diversity of great Nigeria.

Otong soup
2 cups chopped ugu leaves (substitute spinach)
2 cups chopped okra
2 cubes maggi
¼ cup palm oil
¼ cup uziza leaves (optional)
dried blended crayfish (1/4 cup)
salt to taste
½ tspn dried chilli
Meat ( Ponmo, shaki, beef) (pre-cooked)
*in this recipe I used turkey + shrimp*

In a medium pot, add in 3 cups of water. Set the water on medium heat
In a mortal, pound half of the chopped okra (you can also use a blender)
Once the water starts to boil, add in the crayfish, maggi, pepper and salt. Simmer for 3 minutes
Add in the precooked meat
Add in the okra (pounded and chopped), stir.
Add in the ugu(spinach)  and the uziza
Simmer for 10mins.
Add in the palm oil, simmer for another 10 mins.

Tuo shincafa
1 cup dried rice
A pinch of salt
In a blender or dry mill, blend the rice until fine
Place a pot on low heat, add in 2 cups of water, add in the grounded rice.
Turn the rice consistently until it starts to thicken
Continue to turn the rice until it becomes solid
      Add In 3 Tspns water and the salt
      cover and Cook on low heat for 6mins
Stir one more time
      Serve with your choice of soup

*Tuwo Chincafa can also be made directly from cooking rice, the process takes about 50mins longer*

"I welcome your comments, expertise and variations "


kitkat said...

i wish u could be my personal chef, maybe i'll stop lookin so unhealthy lol.
The food looks so yummy!!..i wish i could atleast smell it :p

NikkiSho said...

Tuo shincafa...its been long i've had that.
Good job as usual :)

Nice Anon said...

That shrimp is humongous!

Anonymous said...

Why do u do this to me? I need to come 2 ur house for lessons

9jaFOODie said...

@Kitkat....lol...I will DHL some ur way. Thanks hon

@Nikki; Thank uu! I know right,Tuo is definitely not one of the food pple think to eat all the time.

@Nice Anon: lol... I love my seafood. Thanks for ur comment.

@Anon: please come, I will be more than happy to teach and learn :D

Naijamum in L. said...

This looks sooo good.
Are you sure you dont have a restaurant? Your presentation is what gets me.
mm mm mmmh!!

The Corner Shop said...

WOW! I've never heard of this soup! It looks really interesting oh. Babe, wish i was there to try it *sob sob*


Myne Whitman said...

My MIL had already ground rice, and it was great the Tuo she made from it. I didn't know Okro with Ugu had a different name, I just called it Okro soup. Nowadays, I make most of my naija soups with spinach since we can't get other leaves here.

Nice pictures as usual/

Chizy K said...

i've always heard of this but neva tried it. it doesn't seem so hard to achieve though

Prism of an immigrant said...

Why do you keep doing this to us? My mouth is watering so bad.... omg. If only I could eat a picture....chai.

@ilola said...

ehn ehhhnnn, so it is otong soup you call it. we eat it a lot in my house, but we call it ila asepo, as we are yorubas that don't know the real name

9jaFOODie said...

@Nijamum... Thank you soo much for the compliment, comments like urs keep me going. lol...No restaurant o.

@Adiya:come visit.... then you can eat all the food you want. lol..thanks much.

@Ms Myne: Me 2! I work with spinach a lot. and yes... Okra with vegetable has different names, depending on the regional. Thanks for ur comment

@Chizy K: It's quiet easy to make. thanks for stopping by!!

@Prism: LWKMD... my apologies *wink* lol...

@Ilola: yes, it has different variations and names depending on the region. I believe Ila-Alasepo doesn't contain spinach.

Chic Therapy said...
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Chic Therapy said...

Ok i am so trying this one with another okele though..

...and yeah spinach is not used for ila alasepo

Nike Royals said...

Wow, just came across your blog ....I'm hooked. All the food looks good, am sure they all tastes good as well. Love how you present the food....nice

A-9ja-Great said...

The marriage is nice,though i've not tasted the soup and i don't like Tuo Shincafa.

nutritionalert said...

Very interesting! Easy recipe! Very colorful! and healthy too!

Now am salivating.

9jaFOODie said...

@Chic...yeiiiii, let me know ao it turns out.

@Nike royals: the joy of new discoveries, welcome to M.A.C. Come by often!!

@9ja Great: a trial might convince you, thanks for stopping by!

@Nutritionakert: yeii, happy u approve :)

Anonymous said...

lol @ your marriage of the North and South.

You and prawns ehn!

9jaFOODie said...

I love my seafood!!! Lol. Thanks for the comment.

Nike Royals said...

Please, Sis if you don't mind will love to see your (oven-bake moi-moi and meat pie recipes)....your blog today almost got me and a friend kicked out of the library....as we dey do ye, mogbe oo, ebi hun pami...librarian keep coming to us to keep it down...lol, have a blessed night

9jaFOODie said...

@Nike Royals... LWKMD, you just made my evening. hahahah.. that's too funny. very happy to hear you enjoy the blog. I have a recipe for Moimoi here http://littlemissgastronome.blogspot.com/2010/06/moi-moi.html
I will put something up for meat pie.
Thanks sooo soo much for stopping by n making my evening. lol.

Naijalines said...
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Naijalines said...

You know what's kinda strange?
I attended a boarding school where tuo was served as a 'delicacy' every Saturday afternoon. I HATED it. It was runny tuo to be eaten with ground bean stew on top. Not nice!

Now seeing yours, I can't wait to try out the recipe. I have a feeling I might just develop a liking for it.

9jaFOODie said...

Hahahahah...Naijaines... OMG.. did we attend the same high-school??? hahahhah.. I went to FGGC.. and we ate tuo thurs afternoon with gbegiri n miserable fish. LMAO.. I liked it then sha *covering face* lol.
yeaiiii... please do try it, I hope you like it :)

Nike Royals said...

Sis I got it, thank you will try the moi-moi this weekend will let you know if mine own come out looking good as yours..wink*wink, will be looking forward to see your meat pie recipe/pics.... nite, nite, remain blessed.

Ayodeji said...

Ila alasepo has different variations. We use bitter-leaf back home, not spinach (tete) or ugwu. Here, I use spinach also.

@Naijalines, the bean soup is gbegiri in Yoruba and if cooked well, EXTREMELY good. I went to a Naija boarding school too. Hell I tell you :(

Naijafoodie, very good recipes!

9jaFOODie said...

@Nike Royals... sure thing. let me know ao it goes!!

@Ayodeji: you are very right. Gbegiri can be really good for sure.Thanks for ur great comment and addition.

Titi's Passion said...

The last time I had tuwa was in high school at some buka in Lagos, how I miss it so:( Like can you just come and cook 4 me, or I'll come to you. I have enough Tupperware to save the food for like a year, pretty please:)

9jaFOODie said...

lol.... You can come Ms Titi.. lol. It's so easy to make! u shld try it.
thanks for stopping by!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Looks inviting unfortunately i dont eat Tuwo but i'll raid this blog of urs for everythin my mouth and stomach will accept

Thanks for stopping by at mine!

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

I think you should open a restaurant.. Cos the presentation is so fantastic. Unfortunately I don't eat two, but I love the soup.
I am your latest follower and I love your blog.
Need to spice up my cooking too.

9jaFOODie said...

@P.E.T...for sure!! if you will like a specific recipe, do let me know. Thanks much for the comment.
@Mo: awwww...Thank u Thank u:) some day not too far away hopefully I will :). THANKS FOR THE Follow #Happydance.

why don't you guys eat Tuo? personal preference? taste? or because it's from the north? I am seriously curious O_o

Gbemisoke said...

welldone oh!!*hand on hip* :o)
my mouth is watering and I have to find a way to cook something tonight or else I'll be dreaming of food!
Quick question. I usually see dried ugwu @ the african store. I'm not sure I should try it cos it just looks somehow and I sorta kinda thik veggies should be fresh. What do you think?

9jaFOODie said...

welcome back Ms Gbemi!!! Yes, dried works, make sure u soak it in hot water first and mix it with some fresh spinach.

Gbemisoke said...

Thanks babe. I'm making the soup today, seeing as my dreams last night were of food, no thanks to you :oP

Anonymous said...
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9jaFOODie said...

@sisi Gbemi.. e pele hen.. lol... let me know ao ur soups turns out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

nice try making tuwon shinkafa... the actual way to make it doesn't include a rice flour. Its made from rice with little grains, and then over cooked till the paste forms. stirred and served.
I like the soup idea will give it a try.

9jaFOODie said...

Thanks anon, there are actually many variations, I adapted this because it is less time consuming and it cooks in a fraction of the time.