April 17, 2011

Scotch Egg

 This post is dedicated to Adiya and Omolade

3 hard-cooked eggs - chilled
1-cup breakfast sausage meat
1/4-cup flour
1 eggs, beaten
1/4-cup fine bread crumbs
Vegetable oil for frying


HoneyDame said...

9jaFOODie, u don do am again o! I think I'll try the healthy one soon. Good job

Nenyenwa said...

I am definitely going to try this- I've always been curious about this one...looks yummy

Iwalewa (Beauty is in the character) said...

Been awhile since I've had scotch egg but you know trying all this your recipes is going to cost me money oh lol...

e__victor said...

I approve

Naijamum in L. said...

Re: 'If you are on a diet'
Which diet?
Please...I totally believe that one should indulge once in a while.

Easter is this weekend, eat and be merry jo. Life tooo hard!

NikkiSho said...

*singing* killing me softly..lol
i really miss naija snacks o..awon sweet sensation ati mr. biggs...well done

Anonymous said...

3 diff recipes in just one weekend? You go girl. I am soooo making the scotch egg and meatpie this Easter weekend

A-9ja-Great said...

9jaFOODie,i won't make the mistake of visiting your blog with hunger,it'll just cause problem for my stomach! *smh*

joicee said...

Hi, I love your blog...Just curious, are you from the akwaibom/calbar area because I saw you have done Afia efere and Otong soup..well done!
I am from oron, akwa ibom and otong soup with ebang(cocoyam paste wrapped in plantain leaves)is one of our traditional foods..it does not get anymore authentic than that.

9jaFOODie said...

@ HoneDame; lol, SEEEE... I added the healthy option for u! lol..Nahhh... anyways sha.. let me know ao u like it.

@Nenyenwa; yeiii..thanks, let me know ao u like it.

@Iwalewa; lol... HAHAH..money sha, home cooked meals are cheap alternative nah. lol.. pele.

@E_Victor; Thanks much sir, ur approval is muchly important

@Naijamum; right you are... but you know, some pple are on calories counting levels. Scotch egg is definitely not for the weak of will.

@Nikkisho; you always make me laugh with ur comments. hahah..Thanks sis

@Koinonia; thanks love, I had to put snack options up for Easter. Good luck with Easter cooking.

9ja-Great; hahha.. visiting when u r hungry will give u cookspirations. lol...

@Joicee; awww... thanks for loving the blog. I am as far from Akwa Ibom as they come, I have very good friends from the region thou. Ebang sounds yummmmm.... I the Yorubas call that Iyankoko, it takes skills to prepare. lol. Thanks for ur lovely comment.

Nike Royals said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nike Royals said...

I refer Omolade to your blog....I will tell her you posted the recipe....scotch egg yummy yummy, looks good. Thanks for sharing

9jaFOODie said...

U are an angel Nike, Thank u much.

Gbemisoke said...

My personal mentor!!!!
I have missed oh! Chai!!
I'm with Naijamum on indulging joor! We only live once.
I'm definitely trying this out.
Thanks for being there sweetie

kitkat said...

keep the recipes coming! one of these days i'll don my chef cap and start cooking every meal u've blogged about lol :)

9jaFOODie said...

@Gbemi...lol...I missed u hen.U are most welcome.

@KitKat..Gen gen gen.. sounds like a plan, I look forward to that.

The Corner Shop said...

Yay!!! THANK YOU babe for this!! It actually seems easier than i thought...mmh or IS IT? I'm definitely going to try it!! How do we get bread crumbs? Dry the bread out then scatter it? :s

Lol Kitkat. Like Julie and Julia, only her it would be Kitkat and Foodie hehe

xoxo hun

Omolade said...

Thank you Sis for the recipe, God will continue to bless you and your hand works.....have you consider opening a restaurant, I can see the next Mcdonalds (healthier version) in the making....lol, remain blessed

9jaFOODie said...

@Adiya; u are most welcome hon. hahah.. you can get bread crumbs at any major grocery store.lol@KItkat and Foodie... sounds like a great movie title.

@Omolade... awwww.. Amennnn!!! THANKS so much. A Restaurant is in the plans, pray for me :)

Anonymous said...

Diet ke?diet ni?...this is my fav snacks....like the edgy taste of the crumbs esp....m-e-h-n, those eggs are big compared to the ones i see here ooo..hahahahaa...is there alternative for bread crumbs or can one make it from the scratch at home with sliced bread {definitely not agege shaa *wink*]..i am definitely making these for Easter :)

Titi's Passion said...

I love scotch eggs, I just pop one in my mouth n breakfast is done:) it's so filling. I fry mine also like u do plaintain sometimes so less oil in n ditto @ turkey. I always use turkey sausage.

9jaFOODie said...

@Ibhade: lol...lol... I had to put the diet thingy nah, before pple will attack me that I want to ruin their diet. yeah.. the eggs are large eggs and I added so much sausage too (covering face). I will update the recipe for bread crumbs.

@Titi: Thanks for ur input. I totally feel u on shallow frying.