May 7, 2011

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry & Naan bread

This is a true Indian infusion;Fast , easy and autentic
2 pieces skinless, boneless chicken breast ( cut) (seasoned with some salt and pepper)
1 tin low fat cream of mushroom or 1 cup plain yogurt
1 Tspn curry
2tsp oil
dash Black pepper
Salt to taste
1/2  tspn parts ( cumin,  clove, cardamon, paprika)
½ medium onion (chopped)
handful chopped cilantro (optional)

  • Place a large sauce pan on medium heat, add in the oil. Wait for about two minutes. Add in the chopped onions, stir continuously for 2 mins. Add in the curry

  •  Add in the chicken, satay until cooked (4-5mins)
  • Add in the cream of mushrooms , stir

  • Add in the  cumin,  clove, cardamon and paprika
  • Add some salt to taste
  • Add some water if your prefer the sauce a little less creamy
  • Simmer on medium heat for 5mins. add in the chopped cilantro
Serve with rice or naan bread.


Myne Whitman said...

Yours looks very appetizing even with the naan. I usually make it without cilantro which I don't care for the taste of and we eat with rice.

Do you cook mexican? I love tortillas, enchiladas and chili con carne, the only recipes I know, lol...

NikkiSho said...

one of my best 'non-nigerian' food.Love it with rice....i also add coconut milk...YUM!

Naijamum in L. said...


I have to admit that I am not a fan of curry because I find the spices hurt my belly AND I find the creamy texture a bit cloying.

However, I might try this - with the yoghurt - and basmati rice


9jaFOODie said...

@ Ms Myne; yeah, goes great with rice. No, I don't cook Mexican, It's on my radial of cuisines to learn thou. I am sure u can teach me a thing or 2 :D

@Nikkisho.... right u r , coconut milk is great for creaminess :)

@Naijamum; do try it, a trial might convince you :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm, i would take a pass on this one dearie :D

A-9ja-Great said...

Not fair,and i've not had breakfast this morning! *sulking*

9jaFOODie said...

lol@Ibhade.. u don't like Indian food? hahhaha

@9ja-Great.... sorry hen.. lol

Ope Adebayo said...

Gosh you are a star! I hope you own restaurant or rather planning to have one cos these mouth watering delicacies are just.....
Well done.

The Corner Shop said...

I love chicken and i love curry! What's not to love


9jaFOODie said...

@Ope... awwww.. u are too kind! One is in the works, God willing. Thanks a bunch!

@Adiya; abi ooo... lol.. thank u!

Caxperience said...

would really love to try this one:) Once i get a minute i will and send u my pic:D

9jaFOODie said...

sounds like a plan, looking forward to it :)

Bysols said...

whats 1/2 parts(cumin,clove, cardamon, paprika)

9jaFOODie said...

Hi Bysols, that will be 1/2 teaspoon parts, so equal parts of each. Sorry about the confusion.