July 4, 2011

Mixed Basmati Rice

Stewed Beef on  Mixed Basmati rice
2 cups long grain Basmati rice
1 cup mixed vegetables ( defrosted)
1/4 cup groundnut oil
2 cups stewed tomatoes (you can buy it canned in any grocery store)
1/2 medium size onion (chopped)
1tsp chopped garlic

1tsp  chopped ginger 
1tsp curry + 1/2 tsp thyme leaves
2 bullion cubes ( Knorr or maggi)
~1tspn salt *to taste*

  • Set the rice in a large bowl, cover with hot water, place a lid over the bowl, set aside for 20mins
  • Set a medium pot on medium heat, add in the oil. Once the oil is hot ( 1-2mins) add in the chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Stir continuously for 3mins
  • Add in the curry + thyme, salt, Bullion cubes and stewed tomatoes (be sure to include the water from the tomatoes)
  • Add in the rice, reduce the heat to a little below medium, cover the pot and leave to cook for about 10-12 mins
  • Add in the mixed vegetables, taste and adjust for seasoning. Cover and cook for another 2-3mins. Remove from heat
Serve with your choice of sides( fried plantain and fish/goat or beef) EnJOY!!

**Secret to cooking the perfect Basmati-1) Use the right amount of water ( I use about 1 cup rice to 1.3 cups water) 2) soak the rice prior to cooking to remove excess starch 3) Gentle heat works best, cook on below medium heat 4)Use a pot with a right fitting lid ( try to leave the rice to cook, don't open the lid if you don't have to) 5) when your rice is done, remove it from stove and set aside to cool, be sure to take off the lid, an extra 2mins of heat can turn the rice into a mush. I promise once you master the technique it's a breeze.**


Gbemisoke said...

I gave up on basmati rice, cos it tends to get too soggy. I guess I was cooking for too long.
I'll be sure to try this.
Thanks for sharing

NikkiSho said...

Looks really delish!!!!!! wow..the colorsss.if i was your friend where you live i would always visit everyday..haha :D

Blessing said...

Mmmm...looks yummy!

I need to try basmati rice!

Titi's Passion said...

Looks yummy, like Gbemi I always find mine soggy too, guess I overcook it too. Love your twist on it.

Lily Johnson said...

I will definitely try this. Simple to cook and looking absolutely yummy.

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Looks absolutely yum
I love basmati fried rice and plain basmati with curries. I'll def try this....

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

im going to try this recipee...my basmati never turns out nice

Anonymous said...

Pls is this different from the usual rice found in 9ja?

I eat rice everyday, so it's one of my favs.

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

Nice. Basmati rice is a tricy one for me though. It's easier to cook american long grain. Can you share your secrets to cooking 'turn out right' basmati? :-)

9jaFOODie said...

@Gbemisoke... yeii.. soak it first, dot cook it for too long and avoid cooking it on high heat.

@Nikkisho.. thanks love. lol@if you lived close.

@Blessing... you should! it actually tastes different

@Ms Titi;Thank you, give it a try sometime :)

@Naijamum; Yeii..thanks :)

@Sisi Yemmie ; let me know how it turns out

@Ibhade... yes it is, the common variety of rice we have back home is "parboiled rice" which takes more time to cook, and the cooked rice is firmer and less sticky. Basmati on the other hand has longer grains and a softer texture.

9jaFOODie said...

@Naijaline.. Just did :). Thanks for the suggestion/question.

os said...

Mmm, yours looks great but me and all these non-parboiled rice are not the best of friends. That's how I went to try my hands on brown rice (abi the thing was wild rice sef) pilaf. My family was just shaking their head for me as they ate thinking in their heads "No be by force o..."

9jaFOODie said...

@Os .. lol...lol @your family's reaction. You just have to find one that you actually enjoy. I don't mind wild rice, but I always mix it with parboiled rice, it has an interesting contrasting texture.

stelzz said...

Looks really nice. I'll definitely try this out

BSNC said...

I have heard alot about you. My friend was not lying. This looks good.

Congrats on the nom!

9jaFOODie said...

@Stelzz; you should :)

@BSNC.. waoo...lol.. Lots about me? waooo :D. Thanks so much, welcome to MAC.. come often:)

Prism of an immigrant said...

I had been craving basmati rice all evening. Then I come on here, only to see your appetizing pictures of basmati rice... arghhh... If I could eat pictures...:-)

9jaFOODie said...

lol... sorry hen. hahah..least you can make some :D

Muse Origins said...

Mmmh I don't think i've seen basmati rice cooked quite like this. I want a taste! Sob!

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

9jaFOODie said...

Adiya dear, we have to arrange a visit.

The Relentless Builder said...

I haven't tried Basmati rice cooked like this before (I have eaten it cooked plainly...it seems to be "lighter" than parboiled rice. Is that right?)

It kinda looks like "fried Basmati rice" ... Looks delicious and easy to make. Thanks for sharing this recipe!