August 27, 2011

Plantain Soup

Plantain and tomato soup
This is a very quick, light and healthy supper, a gourmet esq dish that doesn't take more than 30mins.
1 semi ripe plantain (cubed)
2 medium size tomatoes (cubed)
1stp minced garlic

3tspns chopped onion
2 Tspns  olive or groundnut oil
A dash of curry
A dash dried crushed pepper
1/4tspn flour
1 cube Maggi (bouillon)(optional)
Salt to taste
* A choice of protein**cooked* optional

  • Place a medium size pot on medium heat, add in the oil wait about 2mins then add in the onion and garlic. Stir until the onion becomes translucent (2-3mins)
  • Add in 11/4 cup water, curry, pepper, bouillon cube and salt. Cover the pot and bring the water to a boil, now add in the diced tomatoes and plantain, reduce the heat to minimum and leave to cook for 18mins.
  • Taste and adjust the soup for seasoning, add in the flour*(this is to thicken the soup), simmer for another 4mins.
  • Serve the soup with your choice of protein(best with seafood or chicken)
*If the soup isn't thick enough, add in a little more flour. Be sure to wait about 3mins after the first flour addition though, it takes a few mins for the soup to thicken*

PS: I used raw shrimps in mine, I salted it and added it into the soup about 4 mins before it was done.
Have a great weekend foodie!!


uduak said...

i am so cooking this tomorrow, iv got unripe plantain in my fridge,cant wait! thank you!

Uduak said...

This looks yummy. I will have to try this out. Something different.

stelzz said...

I ate something similar to this at a friends place last week. very nice. will def try it out myself

Madame Sting said...

You just gave me the inspiration for dinner. Since i can't eat tomatoes, i'll be making plantain porridge with meat stock, shrimp and spinach.

9jaFOODie said...

@uDAK: YEIIIII.. it's so quick and yum

@Udak(2); lol..I agree.Thank u!

@Stelzz; kk... let me know how it turns out

@Madame Sting: yeiiiiii...sounds yummmm. I love the spinach idea.

deolascope said...

You always give me a new idea everytime i visit your blog. I don't just have plantain, i have all the ingredients! And the steps are easy to remember. Wud definitely try this one out...

Missy Tee said...

9ja foodie is doing something to me ooooo.... tempting me to cook. We must open a restaurant with this. hmmmm tasty without even tasting it yet. lol

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

You never cease to amaze me
*Standing Applause over here*

Ms.Buki said...

Trying this tomorrow!

9jaFOODie said...

@deolascope: yeaiii... thanks for the kind words

@Missy Tee: is awesome. yes i agree o, we must open a restaurant.Thanks love

@Nil: You are wayyy too kind to me, thank u alwayssss.

@Ms. Buki: YEIIII.. let me know how it turns out.

Olori said...

it was like u read my mind cos i was thinking it but i didnt know hw to translate it into food lol....great job

Oreleona said...

wow really innovative recipe never heard of plantain soup but im deff gonna hafta try this!!

Fatshion And Fattitude said...

i will try as soon as i can make it to the store. you are too much sha!

Adunni said...

awesome.... thank you

Samantha Jangira said...

This looks yummyyy... definitely gonna try it out!

Sam x

Spesh said...

I'll definately try looks yummy!
thanks for sharing.

Ifunanya "IFNA" said...

Yassssssssssssssssssss!!! this looks just delectable and I am big plantain porridge girl... BOOKMARKING!!!

enybees-hub said... mum thought us soup that looks like this your innovation I.e ‎​​we'd flour etc to thicken soup for my dad. It used to taste so nice.

Lovely,I've written this recipe....Well done!!! :)

Anonymous said...

...first time of seeing a plantain soup..i do prepare plantain porridge....there is similarities...wait a minute, i can't use 'solid akpu' to eat this soup abi? :D {i tease}

9jaFOODie said...

@Olori...great minds

@Oreleona:Thanks much.. let me know how it turns out..

@FnF: you are too kind... thank u :)

@Aduni: UW

@Samantha: for sure... let me know how it turns out

@Spesh: yeiiiii

@IFNA: lol..thanks girl

@enybees-hub: you are welcome dear

@Ibhade: akpu pls. Thanks for the comment.

Christiana said...

Made this today. It was SSSOOO good. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Looks d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!! Let me cook this one for boyfey, let him marry me sharp sharp. **LOL!! Noo... I didn't just type that?!**

9jaFOODie said...

@Christiana: yeiiiiiii... I am happy to hear that

@mstizzle: I am sure he

Myne Whitman said...

I love this, and usually add vegetables to unripe plantains when I do it. Great pics!

Koinonia said...

This is a first, never heard of plantain soup. Any tomatoe substitutes you can recommend *batting eyelashes* :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting points. Thanks!

My site:
DSL Vergleich


I don't like the taste of unripe or semi-ripe plantain in my mouth so I'd have loved to see how this tastes.. somehow.


A-9ja-Great said...

Geez,this looks good sha o! LOL

9jaFOODie said...

@ Ms Myne: you make a good point, some spinach will be nice

@Koinonia:Hummm.... you n tomatoes can use red pepper/mushrooms and some blended dried pepper.

@LDP: I can definitely convince you to like it, I think it's all in the way it's cooked. because it's unripe, it has to be properly cooked else you get that weird taste.

@A-9ja-gREAT: Thanks dear.

Chic Therapy said...

wow!never heard of this

9jaFOODie said...

It's a 9jafoodie original :D

Anonymous said...

Hmm... neva seen this b4 but I shall try it with not too ripe plantain and it is quite simple too, will bookmark your site as well...

Ag said...

I am trying this THIS WEEK!! The boo will be impressed!!! my mouth is watering!!!

9jaFOODie said...

@Anon:'s an original recipe I created

@Ag: He will be!! lol.

Ginger said...

i thought i was the only one just learning of plantain soup. 9ja foodie original indeed..

I really prefer my plantain fried ONLY. but I am willing to try this next time i get a bunch. looks good!

9jaFOODie said...

NOOOOO...Ginger... have you tried grilled plantain? it is delish.. I used to be a strict fried plantain girl as well, but these days I experiment with it a lot.