January 29, 2012



January 3, 2012

GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest

Calculation based on #150 to $1 exchange rate.
 I know this is a food blog, but I am disheartened by the situation in Nigeria, so excuse the random post. Nigerians should not only riot the subsidy, we should riot the whole political system.

In a country where the average person survives on less than $2/day, the presidency has a food budget of $8,711.71/ day, these amounts to #1.3Million per day. I have reasons to believe he is on the most expensive diet in the world.

I sincerely do not want to get started on the Stationary cost of $2.28 million or the travel expenses of $11.16Million. How do they come up with these numbers? I can’t think of any possible base for the budgeted numbers. (Full Budget for the presidency HERE ).

If you have been praying for Nigeria, please STOP. God has done His part; he has given us EVERYTHING, Human and Natural Resources. It is time for a revolution of sort, time to disintegrate and start over.
If you have a blog, PLEASE spread the words.
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