April 30, 2012

Dear FluffyCuteThing

I saw your post late last night and naturally I was saddened by it. I pride myself in my work and I would never recommend a recipe I haven't tried in my own Kitchen.
*If you are wondering what the post is about, please Visit Fluffy's page HERE"
           In order to set things right and hopefully make it up to you, I decided to try the Scotch Egg recipe again (You see how much love I have for you? cooking wasn't even part of my plans for the day).
Here is my Photo journey through the recipe, I hope you are inspired to try it again.
Love always, 9jaFOODIE. 
 I Picked up some sausage meat from my local safeway
 Since I was making half the recipe, I only used approximately 2 Sausages
 Procedure followed as outlined in step Number 5 and 6 HERE
Here is the end result.
Note: The Egg has to be fully covered with meat, otherwise the heat will cause the shelling to crack and exposed the eggs.
You might also want to try reducing the heat to 325F and cook for 10mins longer. if your oven settings are higher than normal, the meat will not cook properly.
HAPPY Weekend Fluffy :)

April 4, 2012

Nigerian Scotch Egg Recipe

The usually unhealthy snack got a facelift and it's tastier and Healthier. Try Oven baked Scotch egg this Easter weekend, the effort is well worth it.  Recipe Here