May 24, 2012

9jafoodie update

Hello Blog Fam, its been too long. I miss everyone, school is officially in and I shall stalk each and every single one of you guys soon.
Quick Updates
There is a foodie challenge currently running for a chance to win $100( imagine all the summer cocktails that will buy :D). the challenge is furnished by  Myself( 9jafoodie), Lohi's creations, Dudunorth and Afrolems . please Click Here for more details

Recent updates on

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We have been cooking up a storm and are looking forward to bringing you new and exciting recipes throughout the summer months. 

The 9jaFOODie concept/ my foodie dream is officially 2 years old today. The first recipe I posted on this site was on the 24th of May 2010. I will like to thank each and every single one of you guys for being a part of my journey and my dream, you are my greatest support system. THANK YOU!!. I will say it better and louder VERY soon :D