January 20, 2016

Nigerian Custom Weight loss Meal Plan

Yes! The day is here and I am so excited I could scream. This was thought through, prayed for and worked hard so so hard for . The journey was long and difficult, I questioned myself so many times but I knew I was doing it for a great reason and that was all that matter. 

My goal is that when you see the 9jafoodie name attached to health, nutrition and weightloss as it involves our beautiful and complex Nigerian foods, you will know that that information was researched, it’s accurate and I am staking my professional obligation on it.

The 9jafoodie blog is ME! What you see on it is what I cook for myself and my family. We eat golden balls of happiness aka puff puff but we also carefully ferment and enjoy the amazingness of millet. I am a great believer in balance and my goal is to help everyone find nutritious wholesome balance with Nigerian food.

My first project on this journey is Lose It Nigerian (LIN) – complete detail link in bio. The program is custom meal PLANS on a COMPLETE NIGERIAN DIET. It has all the tools needed to get you started on a journey to losing weight on Nigerian food. Yes! You can eat eba (and it’s good for you too!).

I am sure we have all heard someone say “If only this program allowed Nigerian food”, well there is now a program that does. Tag a friend or two or ten. 

What you get with this book : 
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